Ronan Keating Recordings New Solo Album

Boyzone lead singer Ronan Keating, revealed he has started working on a new solo album project. ronan keating, lead singer, solo album, steve perry,

The Virgin Resignation Not Believed Ahmad Dhani | Music Lagu

Stock and Bank in Egypt was ever held! | Suhu Credit Card Tips Solution

The impact of the riots in Egypt, which has been running for five days rocked the Egyptian economy. Starting today, the stock of Egypt and the Egyptian banking sector will be closed in order to avoid a more severe decline in stock.

“The closure is due to the critical condition the market from now until the implementation of economic and democratic reforms demanded by the people met,” said Head of International Sales at Cairo-based Pharos Holding financial investment, Mohamed Radwan, quoted by Bloomberg, on Sunday (30/01/2011) .

Due to the closure of the Egyptian stock exchange and banking Egyptian stock indexes in countries of North Africa fell 16 percent in two days before the trade, and Egypt’s dollar bonds fell, too.

Thousands of Prisoners Escape from Egypt Jail | Hot Trends In News Second

newssecond – The volatility of anger and unrest in Egypt resulted in thousands of prisoners escaping in some prisons in the country. Previously, the inmates are making trouble by destroying the means prison. Thousands of these prisoners managed to escape from four prisons in various parts of Egypt. The prisoners make the prison riot by burning. This action immediately get a strong reaction from the guards. The clash was inevitable.

Nine Facts About Dinosaurs

metalgadget – Dinosaurs are extinct animals survived more than 700 thousand years. Recent studies have said they pounded the earth became extinct after a large meteorite. In addition, there are interesting facts about animals that are known with this jumbo-size body. Excerpted from the pages of The Telegraph, following nine facts that need to be there you know of these ancient animals:

Hunting Janet Jackson Concert Tickets

Janet Jackson concert tickets began to be hunted fans. Since the sale of January 15 to 24 January, as many as 1427 tickets sold. janet jackson concert, concert tickets, janet jackson, compilation album, michael jackson

Tips and Tricks For Hair Coloring | Woman Data

Hair coloring has become a trend that can not be separated from lifestyle. Where it was easy we would see a woman or a man with hair color colorful.

However, do you know the frequency of hair dye can damage the hair cuticle and makes it more sensitive and easily broken?

Do not want your hair damaged by hair coloring. There’s a good idea to pay attention to the steps that must be done before deciding to dye hair. As it turns out before and after the hair coloring is the special rituals that you must do.

Prior to staining, you’ll want to test the sensitivity to give a little hair dye on the back of the ear lobe. If there is itching, then your scalp does not match the chemicals contained therein.

The process of coloring between the skin is insensitive and sensitive of course different. In the non-sensitive skin can apply dye on the scalp, but for those who are sensitive to hair dyes, can only apply the dye on strands of hair only.

Instead, you do coloring at salons that have been trusted. There you can consult with a hairdresser about the sensitivity of the scalp, or hair color that matches your characteristics and activities.

Tomatoes Prevent Prostate Cancer | Health Information

University of Illinois scientists found that tomatoes can be used to prevent and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Carotenoid pigment in tomatoes prevent cancer cell growth.

“Scientists believe the carotenoid pigment that gives red, yellow, and orange on a number of fruits and vegetables prevent prostate cancer,” John W. Erdman of the University of Illinois said the findings of his team as quoted by the Times of India.

The researchers used isotopic labeling of tomato carotenoids with three carbon atoms heavier than carbon atoms of nature.

This allows tracking of tomatoes and absorption components in the body’s metabolism. In addition to carotenoids, the content of lycopene, phytoene and phytofluene, is expected to also benefit the health of male reproductive organs.

Friend Car Report

When we experience extreme weather like what we have been having lately, extremely hot weather or heavy rain -- are not we thankful that we have our own wheels, be it a car or a motorbike? If in any case we don't have that luxury, aren't we glad just to see a bus (preferably air conditioned) heading

How to Millionaires Spend Their Money | Home Business News

Here are continue the ways millionaires spend their money:

Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg classified tycoon who is less conventional in spending money. Owner wealth of U.S. $ 18 billion was a waste of money that not a few to win the nomination himself as the Mayor of New York in 2009. According to AFP reports, Michael Bloomberg spent $ 1 million per day in the political battle against his rivals. NOTE: New York Times, Michael Bloomberg also issued a large expense in the three previous elections.

Although a lot of money to help him in maintaining his seat, Michael Bloomberg routinely maintain its popularity remains high among voters in New York. That shows not just the money behind his success.

Warren Buffett
In 2008, Warren Buffet was named the Forbes world’s richest person with assets of U.S. $ 62 billion. Even so famous tycoon Buffett-efficient, not a big spender. Throughout his career, he criticized big spending by the CEO, including criticism on the label of U.S. $ 100 million private jet company that says “Could Not Defended.”

Although the money of hundreds of trillions of rupiah, he chose the simple life. Then to what a mountain of money is used? In 2006, Warren Buffett chose to donate 80 percent of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. At that time, he contributed U.S. $ 30 billion, the largest donation ever.

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Debra Wants Create Album Two Languages

With capital of music that took science from the Australia, Debra wanted to pound the world of drag votes Indonesia through their debut album titled 'Go A Head'

Lady Gaga leak Lyrics 'Born This Way' | Music Lagu

Ways Millionaires Spend Their Money

Here are the ways millionaires spend their money: carlos slim, roman abramovich, li ka shing, indirect employees, russian businessman, investment firm, business sector

Is it true that Kim Kardashian Breast Surgery | Woman data - woman tips - women issues

Romantic Dating Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

0 Romantic Dating Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt In the midst of hot gossip that always hit their romance, the couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are always trying hard to show off romance between them. As recently seen in the middle of last week, a couple who had six children, three of whom are adopted from three different countries was seen tenderly. They held a romantic date at a place that is a trend among Hollywood celebrities.

After Rehabilitation, Demi Lovato miss her Fans

After undergoing rehabilitation treatment for three months, the young actress Demi Lovato finally get back together with her family. She has been allowed to return to her home on Friday. According to sources from Celebuzz, Saturday, January 29, 2011, Demi Lovato will still undergoing treatment. However, she did not have to stay at the rehab.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez caught Watching Together

Although not yet recognize the relationship between them, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez caught way back together again. Both seemed to be in the cinema after watching a movie together. As quoted from Hollyscoop, Saturday, January 29, 2011, the young couple seems to be no longer shy to show their affection in public.

Banana, Natural Stress Medicine | Health Information

Bananas contain nutrients that are good for health. Besides containing fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, bananas also contain nutritional stress reliever.

As quoted from page Genius Beauty, tryptophan Mino substances contained in the banana able to increase production of serotonin or known as the ‘happy hormones’. The increase is clearly a potent hormone improve your mood and stabilize emotions.

Bananas also contain B vitamins that help control the nervous system. Therefore, besides causing a sense of happiness, banana consumption also makes the body feel more relaxed.

Meanwhile, the content of potassium in bananas effectively stabilize the heart rate so that supply oxygen to the brain was smooth. This is important, because in most cases the heart rate became irregular during stress whack.

Mandy Moore Prepare Album Themed 70s

Actress and singer Mandy Moore, revealed she had started working on her new album. mandy moore, new album, actress, kind of music, creativity, pop factory

SM*SH such as Virus!

SM*SH in Indonesia music industry attract enough people, let alone the lyrics of their songs I Heart You rang easy pat on the head, withdrawal of such viruses. smash band, personel sm*sh, indonesia music, music industry, action stage, soul mate

Maia Estianty Invite Ahmad Dhani in Happy Birthday

Maia Estianty feel happy because on this day 35 years old even stepped on. Maya Estianty said happily as she received congratulations from her child, Al, El and Dul.

Dangers of Nutritional Deficiency and Excess | Health Information

Health problems are not always synonymous with malnutrition, but also excess nutrients. Both have a negative impact on the health and quality of human life. That is what is now the focus of attention of a number of health experts in Indonesia and another country.

Nutritionists as well as Professor of Bogor Agricultural University, Prof. Soekirman, SKM, MPS-ID, PhD, said the shortage and excess nutrients generally occur due to changes in eating patterns that are not nutritionally balanced.

Malnutrition is characterized by slow growth of the body (especially in children), low body resistance, lack the level of intelligence (intelligence), and low productivity. This occurs due to nutrient intake below the requirement.

While excess nutrients marked with overweight. This clearly increases the risk of various chronic degenerative diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. This condition occurs because the nutrient intake exceeds the requirement.

Slowly, the people of Indonesia may be able to escape from the question of nutritional drawback. What is happening is entering a period of transition from malnutrition problem to excess nutrients. In fact, the problem of excess nutrients begin to overwrite the lower economic classes.

Threats Beware of Food Price

Once hit by the financial recession, the world must now face the threat alert follows, namely the rapid rise in commodity prices such as crude oil and foodstuffs. This situation is already causing disruption in some countries.

Facebook Phone Issue | Phone Facebook | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – The issue of Facebook social networking plans to create their own phone back on. Picture Facebook phones that was widely rumored will use the Android operating system was widely circulated on the Internet. Boy Genius Report site recently got leaked from news sources that became one focus group member (internal research object facebook). Anonymous sources who had undergone an hour focus group discussion that, describing the facebook phone in detail, as follows.

United States Want to Replace Terror Warning System | Hot Trends In News Second

NewsSecond – United States (U.S.) plans to replace the terrorist attack warning system. Because the warning system which has been accepted, ie based on the categories of color, it is deemed ineffective, and even tended to the public no longer cared. According to the news station CNN, National Terror Warning System will provide a more specific signal to law enforcement agencies and the public in the area concerned. This replacement will be announced National Security Minister, Janet Napolitano.

Collaboration Sexy Cher & Christina Aguilera

the theme carried 'Burlesque', The film, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera singer tells a story about the struggle of a waitress who dreams of a great dancer. christina aguilera, cher, singers, musicals, dancer, sexy dancers, romantic comedies,

Linkin Park Vocalist Injured

Wounds still leaves hospital for the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, he admitted he earned on his back injury last year still made an impression. And a concert tour in the U.S. already begun.

Michael Schumacher Failure Because Simulator | Sports News in Sport Memos

Michael Schumacher Failure Because Simulator

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sportmemos – The failure of Michael Schumacher in F1 2010 event due to the inability of seven time F1 world champion is using the simulator.

This was disclosed a source from inside the Mercedes. As reported by Motorsports, Monday, January 24, 2011, the failure of Michael Schumacher in his debut season with Mercedes because could not use the simulator.

Beginning of each season the Mercedes always use the simulator to get a suit that fits the car with the driver. However, Michael Schumacher was reluctant to use the simulator because since a motorcycle accident in 2009, the German racer was not resistant to shocks.

The source also said a successful teammate Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg 70 points ahead of Michael Schumacher due to spend more time in the simulator.

“Rosberg successful because of frequent use of simulators. Meanwhile, Michael began last season with the basic setup the car,” said the source.


2011, Car Sales Up Just Thin | Automobile Information in Sawomatang

Frost & Sullivan Research Institute estimates that total sales of automobiles or more in Indonesia and Singapore will only grow by 4.3 percent or increased slightly to 797,258 units in 2011. This is supported by the launch of several new vehicle models, the growth of the commercial vehicle segment, and a stable economic situation. Asia Pacific Vice President, Automotive & Transportation Practice Frost & Sullivan Vivek Vaidya said that the Indonesian and Singapore youth population will drive significant growth in vehicle sales in the long term.

Personnel Peterpan Recruit Bona Paputungan

Personnel Peterpan Recruit Bona Paputungan
Drummer Peterpan, Reza, recruiting singer If I Gaius Tambunan [Andai Aku Gayus Tambunan], Bona Paputungan. Why, if Bona Paputungan will replace Ariel? Apparently not. Bona Paputungan recruited by Reza to join the current management under its management.

Why Stress Can Make Hair Loss | Woman data - woman tips - women issues

Which woman was sad when the strand by strand of hair fall every day so that the beauty of the crown missing. Be aware, this problem can occur for several reasons. But, in some people, hair loss can occur due to stress.

Hair loss due to stress usually occur until a few weeks. But, just calm down, your hair will usually return to normal, even thicker, if you managed to relieve stress. Here is an important knowledge about the hair you need to know, is quoted from page Modernmom.

Hair Cycle
The level and pattern of hair growth each person can vary, but most people have on average about 100,000 strands of hair on the scalp. Then, for those who do not have hair problems, every day around 70 to 100 hairs fall out naturally.

Rate this loss is seen to increase the potential for baldness, but because of new hair growth is also quite fast, it did not take too long to replace the missing.

Hair grows an average of one half inch per month and strands of hair are usually able to survive about 4.5 years.

Hair loss due to stress can be divided into three conditions: Alopecia areata is hair loss due to white blood cells attack the hair follicles, possibly due to severe stress. Then, telogen effluvium can occur when physical or emotional stress causes a large number of hair entering the resting phase or phases before the hair loss.

Unemployment Reached a High Record

International Labour Organization (ILO) warned that global economic recovery has not affected the labor sector. It is seen from the number of unemployment reached a high record 205 million in 2010. “In the midst of back recovery in economic growth in many countries, unemployment was still high global. Essentially unchanged compared to 2009, even the score 27.6 more before the global economic crisis of 2007

Korn Starts Production of New Album

Korn announced that they are ready to make a new album and they say that the album will be greatly influenced the band Soundgarden. korn, new album, soundgarden, recording studio, jonathan davis, james munky shaffer,

Bomb in Airport, Russian President Flight Cancelled | Hot Trends In News Second

NewsSecond – The Russian capital, Moscow, again rocked by terror attacks. The incident again occurred at Domodedovo International Airport Monday afternoon local time Monday (midnight GMT). Suicide bombings that killed at least 35 people – including two Britons – and 180 others injured. President Dmitry Medvedev, as reported by the Associated Press, calling the incident a terrorist attack. He then canceled a visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, because he wanted to focus on the investigation of this terrorist attack while ensuring that security in Russia must be improved.

Justin Bieber Ready to Move Popularity Justin Timberlake

Popular singer who is on the rise, Justin Bieber obsessed want to beat the popularity Justin Timberlake of a rival. justin bieber, justin timberlake, famous singers, garret, new album, solo album

Why Prime Minister of Singapore Salary Highest in the World | Suhu Credit Card Tips Solution

Statement by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has declared seven years of salary the President does not rise trigger new polemic. There are agreed that the salary of President needs to be raised, but many are also expressed sharp criticism that the salary is not time for the President raised.

The reason those who do not agree is the salary of President SBY is considered high in the world. In fact, the magazine The Economist July 5, 2010 edition ever released SBY is the third highest salary in the world.

Meanwhile, those who agree to pay the President raised because the responsibility of head of government and state leaders are very big. They took the example of Singapore, a small country but gave the highest salaries in the world.

Singapore long as it’s often used as a reference number when discussing the reform of the state bureaucracy. This small country providing the highest salaries to their leaders, even the highest in the world.

As a result, despite collapsing due to the crisis, Singapore was later known as the country with an efficient bureaucracy, business and investment climate that is conducive and comfortable. Many investors scramble to invest and has offices there. No wonder then that population of Singapore is included in the ranks of countries with per capita income highest in the world.

Pink Reason Preserve Video controversy

Pink new single video entitled F**kin 'Perfect reap a lot of controversy. But Pink still will retain the video, and give explanations. pink, video clip, controversy, musician

Shown Sexy with Short Hair | Woman data - woman tips - women issues

Bored with long hair? Change appearance with very short hair cut, as did Emma Watson. But, before you decide to trim the long hair is very short there are five things to consider.

Here are five things you should know before your hair cut so short by Philip Pelusi, celebrity hair stylist from New York, as quoted from

1. Trappings
When you have short hair, the focus of people’s eyesight will be fixed on the eyes and face. For that you should not be lazy to use makeup. If not, your face looks like a man and too assertive. So, get the impression of gently with a little blush and eyeliner on a neutral color for the eyes look more beautiful.

2. Structuring each day, but shorter
Deficiency have short hair is that you can not directly pull your hair into a ponytail if you’re in a hurry. You do have to set it every day if you want to look more presentable. Surely the time to be very short hair. Simply blow dry and styling cream and give it can be done in just five minutes.

3. Consider the shape of the neck, face and shoulders

Syahrini: Ne-Yo Show All Out

Ne-Yo debut concert in Indonesia had just ended. The audience seemed satisfied with the show that was held by a singer whose real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr.

The First Porsche Cars Made in China | Automobile Information in Sawomatang

Manufacturing luxury sports cars from Germany, Porsche, will soon build a plant in China and North America. As quoted from Motoward, Thursday, January 20, 2011, CEO of Porsche, Matthias Mueller,said the the company is considering the plan . Porsche, he said, was heavily increase global sales. The factory in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig (Germany) is currently too small to compete with increasing demand.

They Live a Successful Heart Transplant Surgery | Health Information

Liver transplant surgery or liver transplantation can now be done in Indonesia. Even success can be 100 percent, like a liver transplant operation is mostly done abroad.

It is proved from the experiences of two first heart transplant patient in Puri Indah Hospital. Namely, Soebagijo, 60-year-old entrepreneur and Nidjat Ibrahim, 64 years old woman who works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Trisakti. Liver transplantation is a last resort to do two of these patients due siroris disease (hardening of the liver) and liver cancer (hepatoma) suffered.

Initially, Subagijo and Nidjat has conducted various kinds of treatment to cure the diseases they suffered. Nidjat even had time to do the treatment to the foreign countries. However, due to the team doctor Puri Indah Hospital, RSCM, Faculty of Medicine UI with The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University, China, finally the liver transplant operation in Puri Indah Hospital, the first can be done successfully.

SM*SH Surprised with The Popularity

Morgan, one of seven personnel SM*SH claimed to be surprised with the popularity of the boy band from Bandung that can skyrocketed in a matter of months. sm*sh, personnel band, boyband, popularity, pop music,

Researchers Make Chicken Not Transmit Bird Flu | Hot Trends In News Second

NewsSecond – A group of researchers from the University of Cambridge and The University of Edinburgh, UK, who receive an injection of funds from the government managed to find a way for chicken does not transmit bird flu to other animals and humans who maintain it. The trick, researchers insert a gene capable of blocking the bird flu in order not to replicate itself. This is a modified chicken can still be infected with bird flu, but their cells do not produce coffee flu virus. Thus, the chicken who was nearby was not affected.

Jennifer Lopez Tears on American Idol | Hot Trends In News Second

newssecond – American Idol season to start back 10 was underway. The new jury is selected, such as Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler came on duty to provide assessments to the participants. However, there are different views on one show audition. One of the jurors, Jennifer Lopez looks to shed tears. Why? It turned out that Marc Anthony wife could not help but feel this heart when she saw the struggle and the spirit of a woman who acts as a single parent for her child.

Consumable the IP addresses, IPv4 Finder Feeling Guilty | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget- Vint Cerf, one of the first to make the internet by connecting a computer to use your Internet Protocol (IP), felt guilty about 4.3 billion IP addresses that he has made is now almost gone. Vint Cerf, says if all it is his fault that he made in 1977. The reason, he reasoned, when he found his first web-only trial and error. Similarly, as quoted by The Straights Times, Friday (01/21/2011).

How to Successful Blogging

Blogging can be a very marketable and very profitable tool if used correctly. Profiting from blogs is just a matter of grabbing the attention of an audience and not doing any actual salesmen selling. In this article you will learn the 13 most essential steps to successful blogging. - Where to st

Ipad challenger from Hewlett-Packard | PalmPad | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – The first picture tablet computers made by Hewlett-Packard (HP) which will be launched already in circulation. Figure it appears first on page Codenamed Topaz for HP tablet that will come with registration for 9-inch screen, and Opal as a codename tablets which sailed 2-inch smaller. The circulation of this picture would suggest that HP also did not want to lose the cake in the segment of the tablet PC. That is why, a company headquartered in Palo Alto, California was determined to plunge into the tablet market this year.

Pastor Terry Jones Denied Entry to UK | Hot Trends In News Second

Newssecond – British Interior Ministry rejected visa applications filed by fundamentalist pastor from Florida, Terry Jones, to visit the country. Terry Jones is regarded as an extremist who will only confuse the situation in the UK. Reported by, the ban was communicated in an official statement the UK Ministry of Home Affairs, Thursday, January 20, 2011. The British government said they had studied carefully plan crazy Terry Jones some time ago to burn the Holy Koran.

Chinese Reduce Banks Loans 10 Percent

Central Bank of China (the People Bank of China / PBOC) plans to reduce the disbursement of new loans by 10 percent this year. Steps are done in an effort to combat inflation and rising property prices are still going on. Newspaper China Securities Journal, citing sources at the central bank repo

AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units | Metal Gadget Review

metalgadget – AMD presents a new class of accelerated processors combining the ability to calculate more than any processor in the history of computing. AMD Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APU) brings together technology, multi-core CPU (x86), DirectX11 capability level discrete graphics are powered and parallel processing machines, a block acceleration high-definition video and high-speed bus that speeds data from various types of core processors in a single design.

Tennis Player Seeded Son Going, Two Queen Tennis Eliminated | Sports News in Sport Memos

Tennis Player Seeded Son Going, Two Queen Tennis Eliminated

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sportmemos – Tennis player seeded son still has not come together in the first round of Australian Open 2011. While the two former queen of tennis world, Ana Ivanovic and Dinara Safina, immediately eliminated.

After Rafael Nadal stepped into the second round easily experienced following the injury to Marcos Daniel, fifth seed Andy Murray’s victory over Karol Beck.

The Scotland tennis player did not have to complete three sets to win, because Karol Beck suffered a shoulder injury while leading 6-3, 6-1 and 4-2.

Fourth-seeded Robin Soderling from Sweden also found no trouble to subvert Italian tennis player Potito Starace with the victory 6-4, 6-2, and 6-2.

Review Motorola Atrix 4G | Specifications Motorola Atrix 4G | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – The amount outstanding smartphone more and diverse. Latest models supported with sophisticated features and capabilities. But, if they really can replace your computer work in the future? It seems that Motorola new optimistic if it will happen. We’ve heard the discourse since a decade ago. Marked with Nokia breakthrough release “smart phones” and had named Communicator exploded in the early 2000′s.

After Flood, Mine in Queensland only 15% Operating

newssecond - After the great floods hit several regions in Australia, only 15 percent of the total of 75 coal mines in Queensland are fully operational. As a result, mining companies affected by flooding should bear the loss of at least 2.3 billion Australian dollars. Australia is the largest coa

Lenovo Forms Special Division for Tablet and Mobile | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – Recognizing the magnitude of the tablet PC market growth, cell phones, mobile phone, smart phone and other devices with Internet connection, Lenovo Group formed a special division focusing handle these products. The world’s fourth largest PC manufacturer that has just formed a new division that will focus on creating tablets, smart phones, and household electronic

Flood Victims in Brazil Continue to Increase

newssecond - Number of deaths from floods and landslides that hit Brazil continues to increase. Until Monday, January 17, the death toll is known to reach 655 inhabitants. More than 1,500 joint rescue team consisting of army personnel, the Brazilian air force and police and firefighters Affairs S

Before Escape, Wife President Tunisia Move Gold

NewsSecond - President of Tunisia, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, fled with his wife, Leila Ben Ali Trabelsi is also hated by the people, to overseas in the midst of economic crisis Tunisia. Reportedly, Leila Trabelsi, the famous super luxury lifestyle happy, not leave empty-handed. Leila Trabelsi, bef

Greater London Need Referendum

NewsSecond - Tuesday, January 11, 2011, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, expressing a vision of "Greater Jakarta." This term is reminiscent of the term Greater Kuala Lumpur later if further study refers to the Greater London, a region in the UK who oversees City of London. Despite long been us

8000 Youtube Visitors Saw Song Gayus

The song 'Andai Aku Jadi Gayus' or 'If I be Gaius' which is posted on the YouTube video sharing site to date has been visited by approximately 8,000 visitors. And the song just posted three days ago. After Sinta-Jojo, Bone Paputungan will be a celebrity who won prestige thanks to YouTube. This ti

Prepare Smartphones Managing Sensitive Data | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – Smartphones flooding the world market. Unfortunately, the phone can not be used to do work related to important or sensitive data belonging to the enterprise. To that end, LG Electronics and VMware has confirmed cooperation to enhance security and control of sensitive company data. However, no assurance can be accessed data remains flexible from mobile devices owned by employees. By using the end user computing technology from VMware, Motorola wanted to improve enterprise-footprints in the sector while providing more choice for consumers and consumer businesses.

Chief Apple Inc. Sick Leave, Stocks Down

NewsSecond - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. Corporate., Steve Jobs, again took sick leave because of his health back problems. As a result, manufacturers of the iPhone and iPad share it dropped more than six percent. According to the daily The Wall Street Journal, Jobs said to

UK Mobile Internet Users the Highest in Europe | Metal Gadget Review

metalgadget – Recent studies reveal Nielsen, England is the largest mobile Internet market in Europe, as reported by the New Media Age, Tuesday (01.18.2011.) It is the result of Nielsen research on the use of mobile phones among teenagers around the world. It is known that 46 percent of British mobile phone users, aged 15-25 years, Internet access services over the last 30 days.

Quarrel Between Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough

NewsSecond - Prestigious event is the Golden Globe Awards has ended. The event was a success. However, there were stories behind the events held each year these. The story is a bitter quarrel between two beautiful artist in the pre Golden Globe Awards ceremony, held on last Friday night at Soho H

Finesse your business finances by consolidating your debts

Huge amounts of debt can cause financial difficulties within a business and place it in a state of jeopardy. Business debt consolidation is a viable solution that aims to eliminate all your business financial problems and finesse your business finances. You can easily improve the liquidity of your b

Valentino Rossi Restored Through Play Ski | Sports News in Sport Memos

Valentino Rossi Restored Through Play Ski

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SportMemos – Soon the winter MotoGP rider will undergo testing in order to prepare for the 2011 season. Valentino Rossi who recently underwent surgery on his shoulder to feel confident with the development of health.

Valentino Rossi who strengthens Ducati feel with play ski, he could feel that his shoulder condition had improved.

“Playing ski helped me. I feel the need to ski after going through the winter without doing anything,” Valentino Rossi told Gazzetta dello Sport.

Ducati will have the test in Sepang, Malaysia, in early February 2011.

ASEAN Ready to Help Australia and Brazil

newssecond - ASEAN countries agreed to assist a number of our friends and neighbors who were hit by natural disasters such as floods in Australia, floods in Sri Lanka, and floods in Brazil. As the host, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) of Indonesia, Marty Natalegawa, said that the a

Aircraft Design at 2025 by NASA | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – In late 2010, the U.S. space agency, NASA awarded contracts to three teams namely Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing Company to examine the concept of advanced design future aircraft that could be used in 2025. As NASA’s site is loaded, each aircraft design produced three teams seem different ,however ,whatever its design ,must meet the criteria set at NASA ,namely :no noise ,no exhaust smoke ,and fuel efficient .

Crisis in Tunisia, Food Hard Acquired

NewsSecond - Despite already having a new leader, the crisis in Tunisia is not over. Shootout between supporters of former president who has run away, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, with security forces. Many residents now have difficulty in meeting food because many shops were still closed. According

Woman from Tunisia Pregnant 12 Babies

A Tunisian woman is found to contain 12 infants. Women who declined to be named was revealed pregnancy is very exciting because previously the woman had two miscarriages. She and her husband hoped to have six boys and six girls. Currently women are estimated nine months pregnant and give birth in

This year, Peterpan Slumped

It's almost 8 months more, Ariel 'Peterpan' languishing at Police Headquarters and Rutan crease Kebon Waru Bandung. Automatic, behind bars during Luna Maya's lover is not able to work with Peterpan. This makes Reza, the drummer, will speak going on in Peterpan. "We're in a vacuum at this time. An

BlackBerry Storm 3 Released Soon | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – In addition to releasing the latest series BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, and BlackBerry Torch 2, Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry Storm also adds to the collection in 2011. This is not just a rumor. Because the photos and info BlackBerry Storm 3 specifications has been on display in a number of blogs, including BlackBerry Storm 3 specs are quite impressive and indeed deserve to be a sequel to the best Storm as a new weapon to challenge RIM’s current belle products, such as the iPhone 4, Desire HTC HD, and several other top class phone.

Biggest Black Hole in Universe Discovered

NewsSecond - Blackhole or biggest black hole in the universe has been found with a heavy 6.8 billion times the mass of the Sun. So big, the hole is said to be able to swallow the Earth and its entire contents of the solar system. With the size of the horizon, it is estimated the entire contents o

List of Winners Critics Choice Awards 2011

NewsSecond - Natalie Portman and actor Colin Firth received the title and the best actress in the Critics Choice Awards of 2011. Award given annually by the Broadcast Film Critics Association to honor the best human being in this cinematic achievement was held yesterday evening, January 15, 2011 in

10 Storage Trends Predictions in 2011 | Metal Gadget Review

metalgadget – In 2011 which has just started this, of course, demands a variety of changes, including in the IT industry segments. According to the Hu Yoshida, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Hitachi Data Systems storage market trends will be colored with 10 primary storage data centers around the transformation. This Predictions 10 the trends of storage according to Hu Yoshida, who quotes through its official statement on Sunday (16/01/2011).

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LG: Windows Phone 7 Market Failure | Metal Gadget Review

metalgadget – A surprising statement coming from LG officials, who stated that Windows Phone 7 smart phone so far has failed to meet the industry expectations. “From the industry perspective we have high expectations, but from a consumer standpoint visibility is less than we expected,” said James Choi LG officials, quoted by Pocket-Lint, Sunday (01/16/2011).

Barack Obama Convey Sympathy in Australia

newssecond - President of the United States (U.S.) Barrack Obama contact Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillarrd to express condolences over floods disaster kangaroo country. These floods have claimed lives and material in an amount not less. 'Barack Obama expressed sympathy for the victims who

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal Now Much be Better | Sports News in Sport Memos

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal Now Much be Better

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SportMemos – Arsenal continued to keep the chances to become the champion of English Premier League after beating West Ham United to score landslide 3-0. With the victory, Arsenal are currently in position 3 of the standings with 43 points collected.

‘It was a convincing victory. Indeed, we have recorded convincing results in the Premier League, with a beat Chelsea, 3-0 win twice when away and grabbed a convincing 0-0 draw at home against Manchester City,” said manager Arsene Wenger as reported by the Goal.

However, efforts to Arsenal to go to the champion still has a long ladder. There are still many games that must be passed by the troops the Gunners.

Bribery Scandal at Golden Globe Event

NewsSecond - The annual event the 68th Golden Globes will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on January 16, 2011 evening. But the issue of bribery between the organizers of the Golden Globe with a number of production houses are still busy talking. Michael Russell,

Jose Mourinho Open the door for comeback Ruud Van Nistelrooy | Sports News in Sport Memos

Jose Mourinho Open the door for Comeback Ruud Van Nistelrooy

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SportMemos – Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has opened the door for the comeback of Ruud van Nistelrooy to the Santiago Bernabeu. The Dutch striker is one of the candidate substitute Gonzalo Higuain.

Madrid director Jorge Valdano, said his team was looking for a substitute Gonzalo Higuain to be absent in a long time because of injury. Among a series of existing candidates, Ruud Van Nistelrooy is one of them.

Ruud Van Nistelrooy is a Dutch striker who took part in Real Madrid’s La Liga title success 2007 and 2008. Currently 34-year-old striker played for Hamburger SV.

“Many names that have been discussed and they can only help us,” said Jose Mourinho responded comeback opportunities Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

Tips Applying Credit Card with No Credit History

Oddly enough, not only will bad credit work against you when applying for a loan or a credit card, but no credit will too. Even though this doesn't seem fair, it is the way things work in the complicated world of consumer credit. Lenders are leery about opening accounts for people with no credit

2015, Japan Automobile Use Hydrogen Fuel

Three giant Japanese automakers, including Toyota, Honda and Nissan, in cooperation with a number of leading energy companies in the State Sakura to encourage the production of cars hydrogen fuel is environmentally friendly. Not limited production car, a consortium of companies that signed the co

U.S. Refuses Visa Micah Strachan

NewsSecond - Micah Strachan dream from British to visit Disney World in Florida, United States, ran aground at once. Because the U.S. government refuses visa nine-year-old boy on the grounds Micah Strachan will not want to return to his country again. Micah Strachan plans to visit the U.S. as a s

Kim Kardashian and New Man

newssecond - Kim Kardashian is still 'busy' to select the man who would become her life companion. Recently, Kim Kardashian reportedly close to a basketball player, Kris Humphries, when they caught the middle of 'having fun' together. This sexy socialite began dating a basketball player who playe

Britney Spears New Album Leaks on the Internet

Britney Spears album will be released soon, it has been circulating on the Internet. The album entitled "Hold It Against Me" has been leaked on the Internet that displays album covers Britney Spears with her face in close-ups and a few other demo songs. Britney Spears also lifted her voice on

Jorge Lorenzo: My rival is Casey Stoner, Not Valentino Rossi | Sports News in Sport Memos

sportmemos – Valentino Rossi failed to defend the champion title in 2010. Valentino Rossi on Yamaha’s final season with three ranked only the final standings.

Decreased achievement Valentino Rossi proved his ability to be incorporated into a ‘second level’ by Jorge Lorenzo, a former teammate at Yamaha.

“My biggest rival is Casey Stoner. In my opinion, through level I and him as same,” Jorge Lorenzo said in a press conference at the Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), Jakarta, Friday, January 14, 2011.

“After me and Casey Stoner, there are (Dani) Pedrosa, Valentino (Rossi), (Marco) Marco Simoncelli, and Ben Spies. Different both levels is indeed little, but for me, me and Stoner fastest,” he added.

Lady Gaga a Musician With Highest Incomes

Lady Gaga is predicted to have earnings of more than USD100 million or Rp906 billion by the end of 2011 this. A single Poker Face accounting singer said the tour to be held Lady Gaga will help him reach revenues of more than USD100 million. Since the year 2010 and then, through a tour of the

Marilyn Monroe 'turned on' in Movie

NewsSecond - Marilyn Monroe will be immortalized in the movie. Her figure will be 'turned on' again in the movie. The idea was first raised by a successful businessman, Jamie Salter, who plans to make the figure of the Marilyn Monroe through advanced digital imaging. Salter was willing to pocket

Xperia Arc, Xperia Sony Bravia Technology | Xperia X10 | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – Starting in 2011, Sony Ericsson adds the Xperia series collection in line with the launch of Xperia Arc, thinnest smartphone Xperia type other than the 9 Xperia. At first Xperia Arc glance resemble the Xperia X10 design. However, actually quite a lot of difference between the both. The most visible difference is the dimension. Xperia Arc has a design that is more compact and lightweight, only 0.8 cm thick and weighs 117 grams, compared to Xperia X10 with a thickness of 1.3 cm and weighs 135 grams.

Floods in Brazil, the President pointed Builders Wild

Newssecond - President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, shocked when directly reviewing the flood areas in the state of Rio de Janeiro. He said the disaster was not only seen as the will of God, but also due to act of illegally building homes on the slopes. "The view is very jerky," said Dilma Rousseff

Economic Problems in Japan

Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, back overhaul by replacing a number of cabinet ministers, Friday, January 14, 2011. This is a step Naoto Kan to overcome the economic problems in Japan while bringing Japan to remain competitive in global trade competition. According to news agency Associated P

Flood Victims in Brazil Increased

NewsSecond - Brazil rescue teams continue struggling to find the people who are still buried under rubble and mud caused by flood, Wednesday, January 12, 2011. The number of victims continues to increase. According to the Associated Press news agency, until Thursday, January 13, 2011, at least 46

Justin Bieber Left Selena Gomez?

newssecond - Action kiss Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had horrendous. In fact, because of the photograph, Bieber's mother to intervene. But, how the story of a young couple that continuation? As mentioned about its proximity to Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber did not want to go to vote. He chos

Valentino Rossi in Malaysia Not to Get Fit | Sports News in Sport Memos

Valentino Rossi in Malaysia Not to Get Fit

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sportmemos – Ducati rider, Valentino Rossi the race against time to restore the shoulder injury he sustained. Because, Valentino Rossi is determined to recover in the 2011 season MotoGP test session which will begin in Malaysia next month.

Former Yamaha rider has experienced a shoulder injury and increased operating table in November 2010. Now, valentino Rossi is in a period of recovery to admit that he underwent rehabilitation is slow.

“It is a challenge to be back in shape for the test in February later,” Valentino Rossi said as quoted by Sky Sports, Tuesday, January 11, 2011.

Australia Flood Return Swallowing Victims

NewsSecond - The sudden floods hit parts of Australia's northeast killed a woman. Flooding also trap other people in the car and even some of the residents took refuge in trees. Heavy rains triggered mud flows swept town Toowoomba, west of Brisbane. The rain which came suddenly, killing a woman w

Apple Prepare iPhone Solar Technology | iPhone | Metal Gadget Review

metalgadget – Apple patented a system for solar-based technologies that can be implemented on a portable device and cell phone. Looking ahead, a number of new Apple product is no longer powered by chemical energy or batteries, but alternative energy from sunlight. Although solar-powered iPhone will take some time for commercial launches, probably still several years away.

Boy 13 Year Old be Hero As Floods

Newssecond - Flash floods that occurred in Toowoomba, Queensland state, Australia, on Tuesday and left many touching stories. One is the heroic story of a 13 year old boy named Jordan Rice. As narrated in the page Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, January 13, 2011, Jordan Rice is putting his broth

Flood Victims Beware of Sharks in Central City

NewsSecond - After seeing the alligators and snakes into residential areas, the concern for flood victims in the state of Queensland, Australia, increased. Today, one resident claimed to have seen other predatory animals, namely a shark. Members of city council Goodna, Ipswich, Paul Tully, as rep

Attacked Flood, Brisbane So Ghost Town

NewsSecond - Floods that swept Eastern Australia region in the last four days have killed at least 13 people. Queensland state capital, Brisbane, Wednesday resemble a ghost town because there is no routine activity after local residents fled to safety from the threat of flash floods. Similarly, t

Floods and Landslides Rage in Brazil

newssecond - Flash floods, landslides that followed, hitting several cities in Brazil. Within 24 hours, the disaster which took place Wednesday, January 12, 2011 local time, killing at least 257 people. Rescuers are still struggling to get rid of collapsed buildings and piles of mud to search for vi

China and Britain Agree on $ 4 Billion Trade Agreement

Britain and China earlier this week signed a trade agreement worth 2.6 billion euros ($ 4 billion). Such cooperation is characterized by a panda lent to the garden animal Edinburgh, Scotland, for a period of 10 years. The deal was done in London while Deputy Prime Minister (PM) China, Li Keqiang

Sandra Bullock Caught with Ryan Reynolds

newssecond - Ryan Reynolds, who has just separated from his wife, Scarlett Johansson is rumored to spend time alone in the house of Sandra Bullock in the area of Wyoming. According to one source as reported Radar Online, 'Miss Congeniality' (Sandra Bullock) is very conveniently located close to R

Review T300 Mini Cookies | New Faces LG Cookie | Metal Gadget Review

Metalgadget – LG Mobile Communication Indonesia has just added a product line based touch screen cell phone with bringing the LG Cookie Mini T300. Not just a touch screen, the South Korean vendors are also advanced features of the virtual QWERTY keypad and handwriting recognition (handwriting recognition) to simplify navigation and typing messages.

Wikileaks Will Leak Secrets Through Newspapers

NewsSecond - Wikileaks founders, Julian Assange, promised to publish a secret document containing the new United States Embassy about communication in a number of countries in the near future. As quoted from page AP, Julian Assange express promise that when outside a heavily guarded court securit

Capital in Eastern Australia Flood Alert

NewsSecond - Preparedness hit residents of Brisbane, Australia, when flash floods expected in the capital of Queensland state on Wednesday next. They are busy buying basic necessities and fled, while the electricity began to be turned off, dismissed transportation services, and office workers sent h

Floods Similar Tsunami Hit Eastern Australia

Newssecond - Flash floods hit the city of Toowoomba in the state of Queensland, Australia, Monday, January 10, 2011. The situation was exacerbated eastern Australia, which was flooded in recent weeks. This time the disaster killed at least eight people and 72 people still missing. According to th

Pregnant, Victoria Beckham bombarded Greetings

newssecond - After a long wait, finally the couple Victoria Beckham and David Beckham return would add a baby. At this time, Victoria was pregnant. Happiness is not only felt the couple. A number of close friends the couple were congratulated for the fourth pregnancy of Victoria Beckham. Vict

Samsung Galaxy S Sold Million Units | Android Smartphone | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. recently announced it had sold 10 million units of its Android smartphone, Galaxy S. Milestone was reached in about seven months since the device was launched in June 2010. “Samsung Galaxy S is the result of our 22 year heritage in mobile phone industry. This is the realization of our concept of Smart Life,” said JK Shin, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, Monday, January 10, 2011.

Flood Threatens Australian Tourism Industry

newssecond - Australian tourism industry is threatened by the flooding that hit the state of Queensland, especially on third-largest city, Brisbane. The city is a major tourist destination famous for its tour of Australia's Gold Coast. Australian tourism sector alone is worth Aus $ 32 billion. "T

Liquid Snow, River Overflowed in Germany

NewsSecond - Humid temperatures that hit Germany at this time began to make ice that meet the Germany country since December, the liquid gradually. This condition caused some rivers volume of excess water and bubbles. Water overflowing the river Rhine in the city of Koblenz, a city filled with wa

Rihanna Equal the Record Elvis Presley

Rihanna has to match the glory of Elvis Presley once again topped the pop charts in the UK. Two of these stars managed to put their singles on the pop music charts for five consecutive years. Rihanna managed to toss hits 'What's My Name' at the top ranks. Not only that debuted singles, the album

Australia Flood Return Swallowing Victims

NewsSecond - The sudden floods hit parts of Australia's northeast killed a woman. Flooding also trap other people in the car and even some of the residents took refuge in trees. Heavy rains triggered mud flows swept town Toowoomba, west of Brisbane. The rain which came suddenly, killing a woman w

Why People Difficult to Stop Smoking

A new study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry found that the habit of smoking can reduce the thickness of the human brain. Researchers compared the thickness of the cortex on volunteers, both smokers and who had never smoked, who have no medical or psychiatric illness, was quoted by

Social Networking Mosquelife Provides New Feature

NewsSecond - Technology is present to facilitate users. Now, matters of worship and socialize with people the same background, is also increasingly easy with social networking presence. Mosquelife, a Muslim social network that was recently launched, recently re-announced a new service that will a

iPhone Still Dominate Social Media | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – The popularity of the iPhone still has not been unchallenged, after the output of Apple’s smartphone be the brand most widely discussed in social media, for three consecutive years. Thus the results of the analysis Vitrue Inc., a social media management from Atlanta as record Cellular News, Sunday (01/09/2011). Following below the iPhone is the Blackberry (2), Disney (3), Android (4) and IPAD (5).

Ryan John Seacrest

Are you familiar with the name or with his charming face and performance? Ryan John Seacrest is the host of American Idol who has also collected his own crowd of fans. Besides hosting American Idol, the starting point where Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, and Clay Aiken began their singing career,

Mark Webber: Difficult to Search Friend in F1 | Sports News in Sport Memos

Mark Webber: Difficult to Search Friend in F1

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SportMemos – A team may consist of two F1 drivers, but Mark Webber rate there is no ‘friends’ in the event of such land the jet.

Mark Webber became one talked about in F1 2010 after several times criticized the Red Bull Racing which he considers unfair and too supportive Sebastian Vettel.

Not only criticized the decision of Red Bull after a collision with Sebastian Vettel in the Turkish Grand Prix last season, Mark Webber was also regarded itself as the drivers ‘number two’ Red Bull after Sebastian Vettel given wing racer from Australia was at the British GP.

Dewi Sandra

People know her as a multi-talented artist. Dewi Sandra is a singer, model and also top presenter. But it is singing that has made her popular and she has been very serious about her music career. "Music has to come from our heart. It should be fully interpreted and sung with sincerity." For her, M

Motorola Xoom | Tablet Xoom | Best Gadget | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – Tablet Xoom output Motorola Mobility ordained as the best gadget at the show Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011, thus reported by AFP on Sunday (09/01/2011). The award was obtained Motorola Xoom after successful amaze visitors CES 2011, held in Las Vegas this weekend. Motorola Tablet Xoom, which uses Honeycomb operating system that, judged as a strong candidate competitors iPad (Apple), who still rule the tablet market.

Marcell The Romantic Singer

Marcell the romantic singer starting his music career as a drummer for two hardcore punk bands, Marcell has become one of the mosrt favorite male crooners right now. Not only confining himself to music, this charming dude has also expanded his existence by starring in a movie and a TV commercial

U.S. Federal Judge Shot And Killed

NewsSecond - One official who was killed in a shooting incident in Tucson, Arizona, United States, was a Chief Federal Judge in Arizona, John M. Roll. Roll accidentally shooting is in a location which is a supermarket. John M. Roll that often holding court in the criminal case United States borde

Australia Flood make Profitable Indonesian Coal

Flooding that hit Queensland, Australia resulted in some coal mines to supply fuel Asia's steel industry was forced to stop operating. Conditions that cause the price of coal soared for a while. "Flooding in Queensland affect the price of coal for a while, because of flooding like crazy over ther

List of 10 Best Selling Mobile Phones | Metal Gadget Review

metalgadget – After releasing a list of 10 best selling mobile phones every month, Krusell has released a list of 10 best selling mobile phones throughout 2010. Does your phone go on the list? If you are iPhone users, you may elated. His greatness no one rival over the past year. This can be seen from the two products that enter the list of “hot”, ie iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G.

January 2011, U.S. coldest In 26 Years

NewsSecond - Currently, the winter snow blanketing the middle of the countries in the region north of the equator. According to weather forecasts of various institutions, a severe winter will continue to hit until mid or late January. Based on these predictions, AccuWeather, weather monitoring in

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Got Baby Boy

newssecond - Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr was overwhelmed with happiness. Because the couple married secretly in July last year has been blessed with baby boy. Legolas junior was born last night after Miranda Kerr entered the maternity hospital on Thursday morning at Los Angeles (LA). Vi

Gabrielle Giffords U.S. House of Representatives Member Shot

NewsSecond - Members of the United States House of Representatives, Gabrielle Giffords, was shot in the head outside a store in Arizona on Saturday 8, January 2011, local time Sunday, January 9, 2011, West Indonesia Time. The 40-year-old woman became one of ten people were injured in the deadly action

Spiderman New Star

NewsSecond - The position of Tobey Maguire as SpiderMan officially will be replaced with another young actor. Name Andrew Garfield, so-called elected to fill the role of Peter Parker in SpiderMan 4. Andrew Garfield, which began to be known since playing in the movie 'The Social Network' with

U.S. Challenge Belgium in the Hopman Cup Final | Sports News in Sport Memos

U.S. Challenge Belgium in the Hopman Cup Final

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sportmemos – One victory was achieved Bethanie Mattek-Sands was enough to bring the United States to ensure self-finals qualify for the Hopman Cup. U.S. will face Belgium in the final game held on Saturday (01/08/2011).

Yes, Bethanie Mattek appear as heroes to qualify for the final success of the U.S.. Demands won one victory to qualify for the finals successfully answered with a victory over the United Kingdom representative Laura Robson.

Laura Robson in the first party to face the ultimate provision for the Group B match on Friday (07/01/2011), Bethanie Mattek look good. Within 70 minutes, 25-year tennis player to win two straight sets, 6-4 and 6-2, such as cited Friday (01/07/2011).

This victory was practically led the U.S. to qualify for the final round. This result also makes France to bite the fingers. Because the team achieved a 3-0 victory over Italy in France the previous game became meaningless. France and Italy remain untouchable “because losing record for victories set from the U.S..

Taufik Hidayat, Markis Kido / Hendra Setiawan Eliminated | Sports News in Sport Memos

Taufik Hidayat, Markis Kido / Hendra Setiawan Eliminated

Filed under: Badminton

SportMemos – Representative of Indonesia in the men BWF Super Series Final 2010 in Taiwan certainly can not go to the next round.

Men singles Taufik Hidayat had to retreat in sets of 2 when behind 11-14 from Chinese players, Chen Long. In set 1, Taufik Hidayat lost 15-21.

Foot injury makes Taufik Hidayat had to retreat in 38 minutes. This second defeat Taufik Hidayat after the conquest Boonsak Ponsana (Thailand) in the first game. Two defeat destroy hope of Taufik Hidayat.

Indonesia mainstay in men doubles sector, Markis Kido / Hendra Setiawan also had to retreat against Jung Jae Sung / Lee Yong Dae (South Korea). In fact, only entered the match score 8-3 to the Korean partner excellence in set 1.

Markis Kido / Hendra Setiawan surrender within 3 minutes. This is their second defeat after the couple Denmark: Mathias Boe / Carsten Mogensen. Markis Kido / Hendra Setiawan certainly also eliminated.

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