Holes Devil's Kettle in Minnesota

Natural phenomenon that occurs in a place, is a major factor emergence of natural tourist destinations. Located Judge CR Magney at State Park in Minnesota, United States, there is an opening called the Devil's Kettle. These holes seem mysterious.

Holes Devil's Kettle Minnesota

Justin and Selena seen together in Las Vegas

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez again showed affection. Earlier, the pair was photographed kissing in shopping mall in Toronto, Canada, now the couple was seen together at hotel in Las Vegas. [caption id="attachment_91" align="alignnone" width="406"]

Justin and Selena in Las Vegas

Legoland plans to open in Dubai

Dubai is very familiar with building a gold-plated luxury department. Many tourists who praised the beauty and grandeur of Dubai. The top attraction, Legoland also plans to open an entertainment complex and first resort nuanced Lego in Dubai.

Legoland open in Dubai