India Will Increase expenditure budget by 17% | Suhu Credit Card Tips Solution

Minister of Finance of India, Pranab Mukherjee said it would raise the annual State budget expenditures Taj Mahal is approximately 17 percent.

The increase was used to project program malnutrition and issues related to health.

“This country has been long enough to bear the burden of hunger and malnutrition. Therefore, the allocation for social sectors will be increased to 17 percent during the year,” he said, quoted by the Associated Press (AP), Tuesday (01/03/2011).

Further, he explained, when the government plans to spend approximately USD 5,9 billion for the health sector in the next fiscal year. This amount increased by approximately 20 percent from the previous year. Meanwhile, education spending is planned to be increased.

“A Legal Plan (draft) national food security, which will provide legal guarantees of subsidized food to low-income families will soon be disseminated in the near future,” he said.

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Bra Open At User bra Applause | Woman Data

Boyfriend Scarlett Johansson Revealed

Scarlett Johansson appear confident while strolling the red carpet at Oscar event. She did not own. Women are often called ScarJo is holding a man. Who are these men?

Egypt Frozen Hosni Mubarak Assets | News Daily Update

Beji Caid Sebsi be New Prime Minister Tunisia

Less than 24 hours after the resignation of the chair Mohammed Ghannouchi Prime Minister, President of Tunisia, Fousad Mebazza has appointed prime minister. He is Beji Caid Sebsi, former foreign minister in the government of Tunisia's first president, Habib Bourguiba, who ruled from 1957-1987.

Crisis in Libya make Italy Economy Slow | Suhu Credit Card Tips Solution

Italy’s central bank governor Mario Draghi said the crisis in Libya may slow growth in Italy. Because of this crisis in Libya, Italy economic growth will trim the growth of his country.

“The events we are witnessing dramatic events are witnessing today could damage investment in the oil industry which led to rising energy prices, and the impact on the world economy,” Mario said as quoted by the AFP on Sunday (27/02/2011).

She added to Italy’s own economy, 20 per cent rise in oil prices will shave half a percent of growth for three years. “As many as 20 per cent rise in oil prices will shave half of our growth for three years,” he said.

He also said world oil prices increased sharply in recent days because of fears that continuing unrest in the region as a source of oil supply.

“Oil prices are rising sharply due to concerns that this occurred continuously since the unrest in the region and suppress supply,” he said.

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Toy Story 3, Best Animated Film Oscar 2011 | Hot News

Novak Djokovic Won by Roger Federer | Sports News in Sport Memos

Erwin Gutawa an Amazing Concert

the strains of orchestral sounds along with the shadow of the conductor's hand movements, Erwin Gutawa. Curtain gap between stage and audience was uncovered as a marker of the concert began. Spectators who packed the concert 'A Masterpiece of Erwin Gutawa' start clapping noise.

Muammar Gaddafi Calls for Opponent Opposition | Hot News

Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, finally appeared before supporters in Tripoli. In front of supporters, Khadafi, confirmed that his government will defeat the opposition.

"This is the Libyan people who have made Italy to its knees," Muammar Gaddafi said as quoted by BBC news page, Saturday, February 26, 2011. "We will fight and will beat them."

In a state television broadcast program, the Muammar Gaddafi seen talking in an old castle town. He also called on supporters to take up arms and defend the oil wealth of offensive anti-government protesters who now controls most of Libya.

Gaddafi's speech was echoed shortly after troops loyal to him fired on protesters in Tripoli. Correspondents say there are some people who were killed but the BBC obtained a confirmation that only one victim was killed.

Meanwhile, thousands of protesters reportedly gathered in the east of Tripoli and headed downtown. Some reports said protesters were even escorted by military elements of Libya which had defected.

Tripoli is believed to be secured by a special forces unit under the command of Colonel Gaddafi one son, Khamis.

Andrea Dovizioso ask Honda to Investigate the Motor | Sports News in Sport Memos

Swiss Freeze the Assets of Muammar Gaddafi

Switzerland ordered the freezing of all assets and wealth of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi held in the country. This step is taken to prevent misuse of funds by Muammar Gaddafi in the middle of the deteriorating security situation in Libya.

Justin Bieber Recreation to the Playboy Mansion | Hot Trends In News Second

NewsSecond – Very soon, precisely on 1 March, Justin Bieber will be the age of 17 years. Entering his adult life, Justin Bieber had a special desire that he uttered on his father.

Justin Bieber had long been curious and wanted to visit the palace of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner. And this time, he intends to come and tour of the place is luxurious. Justin Bieber was not alone, he will be accompanied by his father, Jeremy, for ‘recreation’ to it.

Boss Playboy, Hugh Hefner was already know about it. Even recently, she and her fiance, Cyrstal Harris, watch the latest documentary Justin Bieber ‘Never Say Never’ on Valentine’s Day last.

No wonder if Huge Hefner and Harris welcomed the arrival of a phenomenal singer, 16 this year. Male 84 years also will be happy to be host to guide Justin Bieber around the mansion and met with sexy women of Playboy.

“Today we received good news from management that said Justin Bieber will visit ‘home’ our Playboy,” Huge Hefner said in an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN television.

Not only that Hefner was flattered, Crystal Harris felt Justin Bieber is a special guest and popular to be greeted and served with the best.

“I really wanted to see Justin Bieber, because I was one of adherents ‘Bieber Fever’. Not only me, all members of the Playboy mansion can not wait to meet Justin Bieber,” said Harris. As quoted by Contact Music.

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Apple iPad 2 Immediate Release | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – Missed estimates, Apple did not release this iPad 2 months. New Apple will launch new products on March 2, 2011.

Previously, the founder of the site, Kevin Rose, estimates that Apple iPad 2 will appear around early February 2011. Estimates were based on information from sources at Apple Inc. Although derived from internal sources, the information is still considered a rumor until Apple released an official statement.

Recently, rumors were answered directly by Apple. Not through an official statement, but a press conference invitation. Yes, the company had bitten the apple logo to send an invitation to the office and the news media, while ensuring that the iPad 2 will appear on March 2, 2011.

Unfortunately, the rumors that missed the launch of new limited schedule. Information about specifications and features of the Apple iPad 2 is still closed. However, Tech Radar tried to compile a number of rumors that had reported on various other media.

The following findings related to rumors iPad 2 :
- Dual-camera, front and rear to improve the video call feature (via Gizmodo).
- USB port for easy upload movies, documents, and photos (via BuzzBizzNews).
- SD Card slot, not yet known how the maximum storage capacity (via BuzzBizzNews).
- Supports two networks at once, GSM and CDMA (AllThingsDigital).
- Physically, much thinner than the iPad, and going through a similar process unibody construction methods are found in devices like the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. (AllThingsDigital)
- The screen is 7 inches, still a rumor (iLounge).
- Faster processor, most likely the equivalent of 2 GHz, enough to record and play HD video (KitGuru).
- A larger memory, because memory alone is double the iPhone 4 iPad memory to 512 MB (KitGuru).

Kevin appropriate advice, “If you intend to buy an iPad, it’s good to be postponed for now.”

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Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Play Book

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Android Grows 860 Percent in a Year

Android touted as the fastest growing mobile platform in the history of the world. Today, the news can be proved by facts. In the past 12 months, Google's mobile operating system that's fantastic record of growth, 860 percent.

Toyota Make Cheap Car | Sports News in Sport Memos

Jasmine Revolution in China is Fails | Hot News

Business Chinese activists imitate successful revolution in the Middle East did not succeed. Call for large demonstrations in 11 cities, called "Jasmine Revolution," quiet enthusiast. Most of those present actually reporters and spectators.

According to the news station CNN, Monday, February 21, 2011, activists extend invitations demonstration on Sunday, February 20, 2011, 14 o'clock local time, through microblogger sites in China. Action was called "Jasmine Revolution" aimed at improving demand food, clothing, and shelter as well as justice for the people of China.

The Chinese government alerting security officers in eleven cities where the demonstrations will be held. Even China has blocked the word "jasmine" to prevent such a big revolution echoed these activists.

In one demonstration site, in the central business and shopping Wangfujing, CNN reported many security officers, both uniformed and plainclothes. Seen also a crowd of foreign journalists, and some people with digital cameras. However, not seen any demonstration. The crowd "audience" was later disbanded after one hour.

Similarly, in Tiananmen Square and Zhingnanhai, China's central government is located. All was normal, there are many tourists who come, the police were also seen on guard as usual. However, here too, not seen rallies.

A more lively action only takes place in Hong Kong, mainland China where the effect is not so big. About 30 activists demonstrated in front of the mainland representative office. They were outnumbered by security forces. They broke up after an hour without success.

Plan a big rally was a total failure. The Chinese government a day earlier had arrested several people allegedly involved, including the human rights lawyer in Beijing, and several other cities.

Plus, the Chinese government has blocked Internet access and filter out some words in the search engine.

Jennifer Aniston Looking for Modest Houses

Who says Jennifer Aniston is going through financial crisis? The proof of this when she was busy looking for new homes. Unmitigated, Jennifer Aniston was targeting a house in Beverly Hills for U.S. $ 42 million or equivalent to Rp 371 billion.

Meaning ‘Exellentia’ For Kla Project

Band Kla Project recently issued a new album titled 'Exellentia'. What is the meaning of this new album? Two personnel Kla, Adi and Lilo, will reveal the meaning of the album header.

Musical Influences Iron Maiden on Slank

0 Musical Influences Iron Maiden on Slank Music Iron Maiden is ready to hit the Carnaval Beach Ancol, Jakarta, tonight. Concert British heavy metal band called ‘The Final Frontier’ is scheduled to begin at 20:00 pm. About 20,000 spectators had packed the concert location. Not just local, spectators from abroad are also arriving.

Secret Beauty in Week | Woman Data

Spitting At The tournament, Tiger Woods Got Fines | Sports News in Sport Memos

Spitting At The tournament, Tiger Woods Got Fines

Category: Golf

SportMemos – Golfer Tiger Woods was forced to pay a fine because of unpleasant acts in a tournament. Fines issued not less, but the European Tour as the organizers did not mention the amount of fines imposed on Woods.

Error Tiger Woods when it was caught spitting in a tournament, due to a poor and he was eliminated from the competition reaches the title. At that time, organizers see the spit in the final round Tiger Woods Dubai Desert Classic tournament, Sunday.

Knowing this, arrogant attitude Tiger Woods directly taken action by the European Tour organizers and Woods have been regarded as violating the code of ethics.

In the official report states that the European Tour Tournament Director Mike Stewart has seen the re-incident from the cameras that record and feel there is violation of code of ethics and as a result Tiger Woods will be fined.

“The question of how the amount of fines that will be received by Tiger Woods, can not be stated with certainty,” wrote the European Tour told SkySports.

In a statement, the organizers added, what Tiger Woods was not new in the tournament, even the cameras also record the behavior of Woods, who said rude and berate.

Indeed the amount of fines to be paid Tiger Woods is not mentioned, usually the European Tour will be fined £ 250 for minor violations, and fines that could be upgraded to 1,000 pounds.

Barack Obama: Iran as an Irony

President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama, assess the Iranian government as an irony. On the one hand, the regime in Iran to support the Egyptian Revolution waves, but on the other hand it down hard on protests in Iran country.

Business Story of Painted Shoes

Starting from her passion with the world of painting and her hobby to collect various types of shoes, came the idea to create something different. Nabila Andina Irvani or commonly called Dina tries hobby painted on shoes collection. “Actually this idea came from my sister. She loves the business since high school. While I’ve long been a hobby painting. Les It also painting since she was a kindergarten. Be we are trying to paint the shoe business,” she said when met at the Grand Legal Kemang, Jakarta some time ago.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic prepared to face Tottenham Hotspur | Sports News in Sport Memos

Zlatan Ibrahimovic prepared to face Tottenham Hotspur

Category: FootBall

SportMemos – AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be prepared to face the brunt of Tottenham Hotspur in the last 16 of the Champions League today, Tuesday, February 15, 2011 (Wednesday early morning GMT). Ibra (Zlatan Ibrahimovic) will almost certainly be a starter duet with Alexandre Pato or Robinho.

On paper, AC Milan is superior in terms of quality players and the positive momentum they currently live. In addition, the Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur) as a potential opponent certainly appear minus midfielder Gareth Bale, who missed a back injury.

Gareth Bale is a player who had three times to break down the nets team shirts Milan, Inter Milan, October 2010. Indeed at that time the Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur) lost 3-4, but Gareth Bale is a hero who was praised after the match.

“I think Tottenham Hotspur are a great team. They continue to develop and target in the ranking of three or four Premier League,” Zlatan Ibrahimovic said as quoted from Sky Sports, Monday, February 14, 2011.

Tiger grabbed Tambun Gediu and Ready to Eat

Tambun Gediu, aged about 60 years old was hunting squirrel, when he heard the rustle of leaves that were due to move the King Forest (Tiger) ready to eat. tiger attack, tiger, king forest, malaysian man, tiger head,

Gold Prices Stable | Home Business News

Military Council Suspended of the Egyptian Parliament

SilaNews – Military Council which took over the leadership in Egypt dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution, and promised a general election. They said the main priority is to restore stability and democracy after 18 days rocked the demonstration against Hosni Mubarak. Meanwhile, the protesters to address the actions of the Military Council was with the alert. Condition of Egypt after Hosni Mubarak left unstable. On Monday, February 14, 2011, the banks announced the demonstration was still closed because there are still ongoing, while Tuesday is a national holiday.

Egypt Success Strengthening in Yemen Protest Action

Fun people of Egypt after President Hosni Mubarak's retreat was to strengthen the people in neighboring countries to do the same. In Yemen, for example. Activists in the Middle East countries that back clashed with security forces after they took delight celebrate falling Mubarak.

Kim Clijsters Return to World Number One Tennis Player | Sports News in Sport Memos

Kim Clijsters Rank First World Again

Filed under: Tennis

sportmemos – Kim Clijsters successfully stepped into the Paris Open semi-final double fruit. The Belgian Tennis player is now able to return to world number one tennis player.

Kim Clijsters advanced to the semi-finals Paris Open by beating Jelena Dokic on Friday, February 11, 2011. In the first three games, Kim Clijsters defeated. But at 12 the next game and closed the match she drove with 6-3 and 6-0.

Success in being ranked first is for the third time. In 2003, the tennis player who is now 27-year-old could become the first ranking for 12 weeks.

In 2006, Kim Clijsters again become number one. This time she was on the throne for seven weeks before it finally decided to retire in 2007.

“It really pleased to be able to achieve success so quickly after I come back. I was playing well lately. I am delighted to become world number one in Europe,” said Kim Clijsters.

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Steven Gerrard Broken Heart Fernando Torres Left | Sports News in Sport Memos

Steven Gerrard Broken Heart Fernando Torres Left

Filed under: FootBall

sportmemos – Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was hit with emigration Fernando Torres to Chelsea. Yet Gerrard believes, without Torres Liverpool can still maintain their positive performance.

“I had a broken heart. But after he made sure to go, I called him. There is no liver pain. I have been fostering a friendship with him. He has scored fantastic goals, we have good memories,” said Steven Gerrard.

“He also must understand how I feel. He’s a smart and must also know how disappointed our supporters.”

Last week for the first time Fernando Torres playing for Chelsea. Ironically, it was Liverpool who became the first opponent Fernando Torres.

Fernando Torres goes to Stamford Bridge with a value of £ 50 million. In fact on several occasions he has said that his heart was always for the Reds.

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Act I, Nani Bring Manchester United Winning | Sports News in Sport Memos

sportmemos – Manchester United for a while leading 1-0 over Manchester City in the Manchester derby at Old Trafford, Saturday, February 12, 2011.

Demonstrated rapid tempo of both teams since the beginning of the game. Action has been running for four minutes David Silva almost made Manchester City excel when faced with goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar.

Unfortunately, Silva-kick after receiving a short feedback Carlos Teves was right next to Van der Sar goal.

Although the play opens, but both Manchester United and ManCity difficult to create chances. New opportunities occur the 34th minute through a header from Darren Fletcher who fell catched ManCity goalkeeper Joe Hart.

Goals that public-awaited Old Trafford came to-41 minutes. Through a quick counterattack Ryan Giggs sent a breakthrough to Nani. Nani calmly without being able to anticipate the kick off Hart.

No additional goal to break the first half. MU 1-0 advantage still persist.

Composition Players
Manchester United: Edwin van der Sar, John O’Shea, Chris Smalling, Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra, Nani, Darren Fletcher, Anderson, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney.

Manchester City: Joe Hart, Micah Richards, Joleon Lescott, Vincent Kompany, Pablo Zabaleta, James Milner, Gareth Barry, David Silva, Yaya Toure, Aleksandr Kolarov, Carlos Tevez.

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Salto Goal Wayne Rooney bring Manchester United beat City | Sports News in Sport Memos

Salto Goal Wayne Rooney bring Manchester United beat City

Filed under: FootBall

SportMemos – Salto Goal Wayne Rooney bring Manchester United beat Manchester City in English League continued at Olf Trafford, Saturday, February 12, 2011.

After being defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers last week, MU directly confronted with serious action faced ManCity in the Manchester Derby.

Fast and hard game from the beginning of the first half. Chelsea’s goal almost conceded the fourth minute when David Silva lives dealing with goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar. However, Silva still kick sideways.

Golden opportunity to create a new MU the 34th minute through a header from Darren Fletcher who fell catched Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart. Seven minutes later the Red Devils only able to break the deadlock.

Through a quick counterattack Ryan Giggs sent a breakthrough to Nani. Nani calmly without being able to anticipate the kick off Hart.

Manchester City successfully equalized the 65th minute. A kick a replacement striker, Edin Dzeko, changed direction after hitting the back of David Silva and break Chelsea’s goal.

MU winning goal finally came the 78th minute. Nani off a cross from the left side of defense Manchester City (ManCity), without thinking straight Rooney kicks off salto. Hart was only able to see the Rooney-kick rattled the net.

This victory strengthened the position of the MU at the top of the Premiership standings with 57 points from 26 matches. While Manchester City remain in the top three with 49 points from 27 matches.

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Accounting Principles

Who created accounting principles? Who sets and revises accounting standards? What if you do not follow all the rules, go to jail? Does it hurt a police force that investigates and arrests accounting? It seems that there must be some force to ensure that providers of regulators of financial statements in accordance with the rules. Is in some sense, and that's how it works:

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Egypt Hit Mass Strike

Tens of thousands of workers staged a strike in several cities in Egypt. minimum wage worker, minimum wage increase, hosni mubarak, egyptian government, transport workers

Scientists Prepare Mission to Two Moon Jupiter | Metal Gadget Review

metalgadget – Scientists from America and Europe agreed to cooperate in working out an ambitious mission to Jupiter. They are interested in exploring the ocean in two ice-covered moon of the giant planets.

Europa Jupiter System Mission, the name of the mission, a joint effort between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). The mission prepared in order to search on other worlds that could be inhabited by humans.

Those missions, if approved, will send two satellites that will orbit at Jupiter’s two months. NASA satellite will go into Europe, while the ESA’s satellite will orbit Ganymede, another moon of Jupiter that is expected to also have a very broad waters.

“Although separated by oceans, but we agreed to hold a mission to the world of water on Jupiter,” said Bob Pappalardo, a researcher from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, United States, as quoted from Space, February 9, 2011.

Pappalardo itself is a scientist who are responsible for satellites that will be sent to Europa.

“Europa Jupiter System Mission will present a leap in scientific knowledge about the condition of the months of Jupiter and the potential they have for life,” says Pappalardo.

For information, in the year 2009, the deployment proposal with NASA and ESA missions are prioritized for further study. And researchers from both parties agree that technically, this mission is the most space missions possible.

In the coming months, NASA also will analyze the re-cooperation strategy pending the outcome of the Planetary Science decadal survey that was held by the National Research Council of the U.S. National Academies. The survey will be the basis for a road map for NASA missions to the planets for the decade beginning in 2013.

If agreed, Europa Jupiter System Mission will be launched in 2020. It is estimated that the satellite will arrive in orbit around Europa and Ganymede in 2026.

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U.S. ask Egypt to Remove Emergency Law | Hot Trends In News Second

newssecond – Government of the United States (U.S.) called on President Hosni Mubarak to repeal legislation (Law) who has imposed emergency in Egypt for 30 years. The U.S. also asked Hosni Mubarak to stop the violence and detention of journalists and activists.

Based on statements from the White House, who told the BBC news station, Tuesday, February 8, 2011, appeal was conveyed by Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden, the vice president of Egypt, Omar Suleiman, via telephone. Joe Biden on that occasion to say a few calls from the U.S. for Mubarak’s government to end the clashes in Cairo.

Among them is the repeal of emergency laws that have been enacted since the murder of Anwar Sadat in 1981. This law prohibits citizens gather and convey their aspirations.

With this law, the government also has the full authority to arrest someone who is considered to be terrorists and to stop all political activity. The human rights activists consider this law used by the government to scuttle his political opponents, including the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Joe Biden also called on Mubarak’s government to stop arrests, beatings and detention against journalists and political and social activist, and provides freedom in conveying their aspirations.

In addition, Joe Biden also pushed Mubarak to include several opposition figures who, more broadly, not only the Muslim Brotherhood, for taking part in a national dialogue to form the reform.

Finally, Joe Biden called for the Mubarak government to make the characters and the opposition movement as a partner in the map of transition and political reform that will be executed.

This is the first time the U.S. gave a direct appeal to Egypt since a wave of demonstrations began January 25 last. Previously, the U.S. avoids to issue a call and encouragement, worry is too much dictating and interfering in domestic affairs of other countries.

BBC says that this is proof that the U.S. was not satisfied with the steps taken by Hosni Mubarak.

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Joe Biden: A Neowonk Guide to the Vice President of the United States

Joe Biden is the 47th Vice President of the United States. Prior to joining Barack Obama on the Democratic ticket, he served in the United States Sena… Read More >
51y4e7tgoIL. SL75  U.S. ask Egypt to Remove Emergency Law


The Harris & Ewing, Inc. Collection of photographic negatives includes glass and film negatives taken by Harris & Ewing, Inc., which provide excellent… Read More >

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Organic SEO With Link Building

Organic SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a slow and steady. Achieving the top takes time and link building is an important part of this effort. If you have a successful web site and get a good ranking in search engines to findbecause, as the manipulation can be seen by search engines. Revision o

Indonesia Enter CPO Through Hungary | Suhu Credit Card Tips Solution

Crude palm oil products (crude palm oil / CPO), Indonesia has been frequently boycotted by European countries. For get around this, the government plans to get into Europe by utilizing the entrance through trade cooperation with Hungary.

Proposed trade cooperation was raised in the meeting between the Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa with Speaker of Hungarian Laszlo cover in the Office of Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Jalan Wahidin, Jakarta.

“I wish for things that are related, let’s say that a lot wrong means CPO Europe, if we can clear the place Hungary as Indonesia’s CPO market there,” said Hatta Rajasa.

According to Hatta, the two countries agreed to the need to increase cooperation in the field of economy. Throughout 2009, the volume of trade between the two countries reached U.S. $ 150 million, but the achievement did not reflect the potential of both countries.

“Hungary proposed that Indonesia has made Hungary the door for entry into the European market and will also put Indonesia as the gate Hungary entered the Asian market,” said Hatta.

Besides trade, Indonesia also hoped that Hungarian businessmen to invest more actively in the ground water. During this famous Hungarian strong in the sector and information technology (IT), especially the area of defense.

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Skills Factor for Career Success

What employers look for in prospective employees? That was the question asked recently in discussion forum online career. read skills factor for career success

Typing Make Children Become More Stupid?

Children and students who write by hand was quicker to learn than children who typed on the computer. It was revealed from the results of research conducted by Professor Anne Mangen University of Stavanger Norway and Jean-Luc Velay from Marseille University, published in the journal Advances in H

Arsenal lead 3 Goals in 10 Minutes Early | Sports News in Sport Memos

Act I, Arsenal lead 3 Goals in 10 Minutes Early

Filed under: FootBall

SportMemos – Arsenal rampage at St James Park, Newcastle cage. Until the break, Arsenal managed to lead 4-0 with three goals in the opening game has been printed when running 10 minutes.

Arsenal managed to score a quick goal after only 42 seconds to walk through the action of Theo Walcott. Starting from Andrei Arshavin’s shot hit a defender of The Magpies, Theo Walcott grabbed the ball in order to break down Newcastle’s goal. Arsenal winning 1-0.

Two minutes later, exactly in the third minute, defender Johan Djourou managed to double the advantage to 2-0. Again, the creators of Arshavin scored the Gunners through his free-kick which was met Djourou action.

Arsenal returned to break down the Newcastle goalkeeper Steve Harper is escorted. Arsenal managed a 3-0 lead after striker Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott finished bait with his right foot shot.

Van Persie even managed to score a second goal in the match in minute 26. Dutch national team striker managed to greet Bacary Sagna’s cross through the header measurability. Score 4-0 for Arsenal’s advantage lasted until halftime.

Other results First round
Aston Villa 1-0 Fulham
Everton 1-1 Blackpool
Manchester C. 3-0 West Bromwich A.
Tottenham H. 1-0 Bolton W.
Wigan Athletic 1-1 Blackburn R.

Composition Players
Newcastle: Steve Harper, Michael Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Sanchez Jose Enrique, Danny Simpson, Kevin Nolan, Ismael Chiek Tioté, Jonás Gutiérrez, Joey Barton, Peter Lövenkrands, Leon Best

Arsenal: Wojciech Szcz?sny, Laurent Koscielny, Johan Djourou, Gaël Clichy, Bacary Sagna, Jack Wilshere, Abou Diaby, Cesc Fábregas, Andrei Arshavin, Theo Walcott, Robin Van Persie

Android Market Now Accessible from PC | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – If your Android mobile phone users, you may be pleased. Because Google has just announced that Android Market stall application can now be accessed via computer or PC.

In a press conference held on Wednesday local time, Google said that Android Market can now be accessed online through the website. It is expected to facilitate the Android users to purchase and install the applications they need.

Of course, this new way to help the user of Android in developing countries which as known has a number of Internet users via mobile phone very much but the infrastructure is inadequate.

As a result, data rates just barely become a fundamental issue for users. For example, in Singapore. Not uncommon in the wireless data connection issues that are less stable in certain regions.

Indeed, the idea of Android Market website is to facilitate users in tracking the various applications needed from anywhere and not limited by its Android phones only. On the other hand, Google wants to catch up from the Apple App Store.

You can visit the website Android Market. So, what Google served in it?
All content is available online Android Market in its new website. The purchase process application was made quite simple and easy.

Once you purchase or install the desired application on the website, then once your Android phone will start the download. This is the Android Market advantages that are not owned by Apple.

You can also share links (links) download from the Android Market site on your friends or relatives via Twitter or e-mail. The process is as simple. When the link is opened, the application will be automatically downloaded into the phone.

With the latest SDK, which will be available around late March, the developers could add Android-based applications into the Android Market, both paid and free applications.

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Premium 14/2 Awg 100ft CL2 Speaker Wire | Cable – Oxygen Free Copper

Oxygen free In Wall speaker wire, capable of producing the cleanest sound possible. Flexible No-Kink Jacket provides easy professional results for the DIY’er or Professional alike

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EU Freeze Ben Ali Assets and his cronies | Hot Trends In News Second

NewsSecond – Before Egypt in turmoil, a wave of democratization in the Arab region has been hit Tunisia. President of the country’s ruling 23 years, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali finally stepped down.

Ben Ali, the family, and his followers fled abroad amid anger of the people of Tunisia for the economic crisis that do not expire.

In addition to Ben Ali and his family hunt, Tunisian authorities are also pursuing their property suspected of corruption and misappropriation. As the BBC site is loaded, the EU has frozen the assets of 46 allies and close relatives of Ben Ali and his wife.

According to EU officials, the decision was taken after talks with the government of Tunisia. EU Foreign Ministers also approved the freezing of assets of Ben Ali.

Ben Ali is now a fugitive in a country that had led it. Tunisian officials issued an international arrest warrant in force – on charges of stealing state money illegally.

Transparency International (TI) estimates that Ben Ali and his family control 35 percent of the Tunisian economy.

TI also demanded the authorities in Paris to freeze all assets of Ben Ali and the 12 members of his family in France. They are believed to have several bank accounts and mansions in Paris worth 37 million euros, ski apartments in Courchevel, and a villa on the French Riviera.

Another asset is a property worth 1.2 million pounds sterling in Westmount, near Montreal, this property in Geneva (Switzerland), and a private plane Falcon 9000, which is also located in Geneva.

Also comes news that Ben Ali’s wife, Leila Trabelsi, 1.5 tonnes of gold could tackle before leaving Tunisia.

Forbes magazine estimates that the wealth of Ben Ali in 2008 worth U.S. $ 5 billion. However, that’s not including his wife’s family wealth, which is believed to reap hundreds of millions of dollars through business networks that they manage, mafia-like criminal organization.

Meanwhile, Tunisian Minister of Tourism announced that the new government would end the state of emergency in force since 14 January 2011. “We want to do it gradually, carefully, to ensure comprehensive security for all people,” said Minister of Tourism, Mehdi Houass.

Unrest and political turmoil in Tunisia has resulted in tourism revenue fell 40 percent in January.

Street protests have ended after the people’s demand is granted, one of Ben Ali’s purge of government cronies. Situation normal move marked change in travel advisory issued by the British.

British Foreign Ministry invited the citizens to go to Tunisia, but must be cautious and concerned with political and security situation in the country.

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Hosni Mubarak Collect Economic Team

After failing to persuade millions of demonstrators with a statement will not run again as President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak today to collect the economic team. Hosni Mubarak's meeting with his economic team was held at the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis, on the outskirts of Cairo.

LG Optimus 3D is the World's First 3D Smartphone | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – LG is set to launch the world’s first 3D smartphone at Februarys Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While 3D technology has been experiencing a revolution in the world of cinema with box office hits such as Alice in Wonderland and Avatar making use of it, there has been a big drive to push the technology into home TVs and other technologies. At present companies have not quite managed to make it work on a large TV screen but it has been possible to see its implementation on a smaller smartphone display. The first phone to make its way to the shelves with this 3D technology will be LG’s Optimus 3D, with mobile phone deals expected to be available by the summer at the latest.

Unlike 3D technology in the cinema, the new smartphone oriented 3D technology will not require the use of 3D glasses. This is good news for anyone who had been looking forward to owning a 3D phone as it will mean you won’t have to look completely ridiculous in the process. The LG Optimus 3D will not only come with a 3D display for the rendering of a 3D interface and the playback of 3D videos, but will also come with dual camera lenses allowing users to record their own 3D videos.

Like many of the new phones set for release in 2011, the Optimus 3D will be powered by a Tegra 2 dual core processor making it twice as fast as the current top end smartphones. This will be a slightly modified Tegra 2 3D chip making it even more powerful than the processor found in the illustrious Optimus 2X. The Optimus 3D will also come with HDMI and DLNA allowing 3D content stored on the phone to easily be transferred to other devices such as TVs.

Like the Optimus 2X and Optimus Black, the new LG Optimus 3D is expected to run on Google Android, although there is yet to be any confirmation as to which version. No doubt LG have had to develop their own 3D interface to work alongside Android and it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Will it be a 3D version of one of their pre-existing interfaces or will it be a completely new design?

The LG Optimus 3D is expected to have a screen in the region of 4 to 4.3 inches, placing it at the larger end of the touchscreen smartphone market. In other news, it seems likely that one of LG’s new touchscreen tablet devices will also make use of 3D technology. LG accidently leaked information suggesting that the LG Optimus Pad, which is also due to be unveiled at February’s MWC, will feature an 8.9″ glasses-free 3D display and 3D camera.

It remains to be seen how effective this 3D technology is and whether it will really take off as expected by LG, as much of the reaction from users so far seems to be lukewarm, viewing the groundbreaking technology as little more than a gimmick. But considering that the idea of including a camera or web access on a phone were once considered nothing more than gimmicks, this could truly mark a revolution in the world of smartphones with 3D displays and 3D cameras becoming the norm in the next few years.

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This Priority France As Leader G20

G20 considered able to provide an effective collective responses in order to overcome the worst crisis ever since the 1930 crisis. French leadership priorities expressed in the G20 as follows:

Internet Connection Egypt Online again | Metal Gadget Review

MetalGadget – After four-five days ‘log out’ of the Internet connection, Egypt is now back online.

As quoted from the site CNet, the Egyptian government has restored back to its Internet connection. “Providers of Internet-service provider of Egypt has restored the internet connection at 11:29 Cairo time (16:29 GMT),” said internet monitoring firm Renesys, in their official blog.

Now, some sites in Egypt, including the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Central Bank of Egypt, and Egyptian Stock Exchange, already accessible.

Inevitably, Twitter activity around the theme ‘Egypt has also increased. “The Internet has been normal back in Egypt! FINALLY!” said Dalia Ziada, one activist human right located in Cairo.

After five days of sever ties with the Internet, now Dalia inbox flooded with emails in his city. “Oh God, I got more than 500 e-mail!”

Restoration of the Internet connection was made after President Hosni Mubarak declared not to run again in the upcoming elections. Mubarak himself remains reluctant to retreat this time.

Earlier, Egypt decided an internet connection since Friday last week. This was taken as part of government efforts to counteract the opposition movement that uses Facebook and Twitter as their medium of communication.

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The first WiFi scale connected to the internet to automatically register weight, fat and BMI calculation. With its extra-flat black-and-steel design, … Read More >

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Dadali Band Entrance MURI

Although relatively new in the Indonesia music, Dadali band immediately got a positive response from music lovers. Less than six months, Youtube viewer the band from Bogor has reached more than two million.

Soothes Egypt, Oil Prices Still on Level USD90/Barel

Crude oil prices in Asian markets still in rate USD 90 per barrel despite the crisis that occurred in Egypt until this day. The movement of oil prices is more due to the crude supply report United States (U.S.), which rose more than forecast last week that showed the recovery of crude oil demand has not been evenly distributed.