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Reasons Gold Prices Increase

Gold prices increase to record highs in two consecutive days, Tuesday and Wednesday, to exceed U.S. $ 1,440 per ounce. Another surge in gold prices was triggered by political unrest in Libya, which caused world oil prices jumped sharply.

Motion Sensor to PC | Asus WAVI Xtion | Metal Gadget Review

metalgadget – Asus introduces new ways to enjoy entertainment on television and the PC. If you usually use the remote control or wireless controller, Asus WAVI Xtion (read: way-vee action) would adopt the motion sensor technology first in the world.

Yes, with newer technology, the users can play games on the PC, play multimedia entertainment at home only with the intuitive body gestures input on the display Full HD.

Asus WAVI Xtion consists of two components, namely WAVI wireless streaming media device, and motion sensors Xtion.

WAVI capable of displaying high definition media wireless from a PC to the TV in different rooms. He also marked the emergence of a motion sensor interface for playing multimedia, gaming, and other applications based on gesture.

While WAVI Xtion integrate motion sensing technology from PrimeSense with ASUS Xtion Portal user interface through the application of intuitive interaction.

You know Nintendo Wii console? How it works WAVI Xtion approximately the same with him. It’s just that if the Wii uses a wireless controller, WAVI Xtion not at all. It’s really based on gesture motion captured body motion sensor camera.

Meanwhile, PC connection and a TV using a wireless HDMI (technology WHDMI), which provides data transfer to display high definition content such as movies, games, and photos at a frequency of 5 GHz with coverage reaching 25 meters.

When get one, Asus provides a software like MayaFit Cardio Life, a fitness workout game that supports motion sensor, and BeatBooster, multiplayer racing adventure game in which the user to maneuver the jet using body movements.

“Collaboration with Asus in presenting solutions to WAVI Xtion 3D sensor in the industry prove that a natural interaction technology ideal for use in the family room,” said CEO PrimeSense, Inon Beracha. “Full intuitive gesture-based operation will be the future of the entire device.”

Here are the specifications Asus WAVI Xtion :
standard technology : AMIMON WHDI wireless
Antenna : 4 x 5 MIMO
operating frequency : 5GHz
Transmission Range : Up to 25 meters (line of sight)
Tx I / O : input 1xHDMI
Rx I / O : 1xHDMI output, 2 x USB
Audio : Up to 8-channel 24-bit 192KHz

Operating range : 0.8 m-3, 5m
Viewing angle (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) : 58 °, 45 °, 70 °
Sensor : Depth
The platform supports : Intel ® X86 and AMD ®
Supported operating systems : Microsoft Windows ® XP, Vista, Windows 7 32-bit
Interface / power : USB2.0

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USB MIDI Cable Converter PC to Music Keyboard Window Win Vista XP, Mac OS

This sturdy MIDI interface cable is self-powered and connects to your computer’s USB port. No need for tools or computer disassembly, it’s the simples… Read More >

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Volkswagen combi in Germany at Geneva Auto Show | Sports News in Sport Memos

Money | Gomestic

The money is perhaps the word most used around the world. Money, without which many things can not do much. If you do not have money, you will have trouble even feeding themselves, set aside, shelter etc. What should be our attitude toward money? How much money should earn and how much to give. Such as morality and principles can be broken to get more money? Why should we earn more money than absolutely necessary? There are many questions about money that come to mind. For centuries it has reason for his money and power, the people.

For some of us is more important than money. And, ironically, money is always the force be with him. But power may or may not make money. For example, if you are the most important person in your country, but strong principles, you have total power, but very little money. Moreover, some corrupt dictators have accumulated money beyond imagination.

For some of us there are other occupations that money and power. A good scientist is always emotions with his inventions of money or power. For each of us there is another motivation. Money is a motivating factor seems to be the most common. Reduce costs, prices rise and more money is the mantra of most industries and businesses. The stock market has attracted people earn in a while just because of the danger of some quick cash. Why lotteries become popular? Do not depend on our hard earned money? However, buying lottery tickets around the world. Buyers can expect the opportunity to earn more money than you would in a day. The set of all types is again driven by the money the only factor. One can cite many activities we do are driven by the lure of money.

To give money and more money and more money than the rest of others? Is happiness more or more of the happy life? The answer is yes in most cases. Take the money, but more and more problems. Where to invest? Which bank should I choose? What about those who still ask for donations and loans? How do you keep? And what to do with the money after having met all the requirements? Buy a bigger or rental throughout the year or collect antiques?

Money. If you have less, do more and more, if you do not know what to do? This is the paradox of money.

U.S. send Aid Team to the Border Libya

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States (U.S.) relief team deployed to the borders of Libya, through Egypt and Tunisia. The team will assist the refugees from Libya, who want to save themselves from potential civil war in that country.

NASA Robotic Space Failed to Complete Mission

NASA's humanoid robot, which marks his first space trip together last mission of space shuttle Discovery last Saturday, is reported to have failed to live the mission to walk on the international space station or space station (ISS).